Designed by a Specialist for the Medical Professional


IMEDPRAC offers resourceful and digital medical practice management solutions in South Africa and is an information hub, guiding medical professionals when starting and managing a medical practice. IMEDPRAC provides critical insights, innovative ideas and practical initiatives to help medical professionals transition into private practice with ease for years to come.

Our team consists of a unique group of individuals, combining years of experience and knowledge of the industry that covers everything needed to have a medical practice that stands out from the rest.


IMEDPRAC, merges innovative business principles with the business of medicine, empowering both new and established specialists and medical professionals. IMEDPRAC assists medical practitioners with managing and implementing a streamlined and productive practice with a solid legal and ethical foundation.

How can your practice benefit from a partnership with IMEDPRAC?

  • Become well-informed of the HPCSA rules for practice management
  • Understand the first essential steps on how to start your practice setup
  • Learn correct financial planning principles. Set your practice up, the right way
  • Build a solid legal and ethical framework
  • Grasp key aspects on billing and how to formulate a proper billing policy
  • Propel your practice brand through website, branding design and marketing


Dr Dirk van der Spuy


Founder, IMEDPRAC consulting and IMEDrecruit

Dr Dirk van der Spuy is the founder of IMEDPRAC and a Specialist Upper Limb and Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon in Cape Town. He completed his pre-and-post graduate training at the University of Stellenbosch and thereafter enrolled in a fellowship in Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgery at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia. ... His passion for the medical environment, coupled with a desire to understand the intricacies of a digital healthcare platform, technology and the evolution of a streamlined, legally sound practice, led him to devise a turnkey practice management solution for medical professionals. Under his specialist guidance, the IMEDPRAC offering is engineered in such a way as to ensure that all the essentials of establishing, growing and maintaining a medical practice are well covered to contribute towards long-term success. Read more

Anro Oosthuizen



Anro Oosthuizen is the CFO of IMEDPRAC and has been with the group since its inception. He is a qualified accountant and a member of SAIPA. Anro started his accounting firm, Accountix, in 2010. Since its inception, it has become a leading consulting firm for healthcare practitioners nationwide. ... His extensive knowledge of the HPCSA's rules and regulations has made him an invaluable asset to the bigger group and its clients. He follows a pragmatic and objective approach to problem-solving. His core values of integrity, diligence, and punctuality are evident in his interactions with the team and the clients. Read more

Natasha Stone


Partner, IMEDPRAC consulting and IMEDrecruit

Natasha Stone joined the IMEDPRAC team in 2016. She obtained her degree in BCom Marketing and Business Management in 2000. She started her 15-year career at Investec Private Bank in 2001, gaining experience in personal and business banking as well as acquisition and property finance. ... Her last five years with Investec were spent leading a team of private medical bankers and gaining extensive experience in the national medical specialist market as well as the registrar space. This ignited her passion for the healthcare environment, especially with regards to strategy and acquisition. She is proficient in new business development, which includes relationship management, financial risk and operational management. She currently leads our group activities within the IMEDPRAC Inland team. Read more

Carolyn Wigston


Partner, IMEDPRAC consulting and IMEDrecruit

Carolyn's expertise merges years of experience in the healthcare environment with a rich background of business, marketing and human resource capabilities. She is the co-founder of IMEDPRAC Consulting, together with Dr Dirk van der Spuy, a specialist hand Orthopaedic Surgeon. With a marketing and psychology degree as well as hands-on experience ... in the private medical setting, she offers practical and knowledgeable guidance around the intricacies of setting up and establishing a streamlined and well managed medical practice. Working closely as a team, we strive to provide a world-class, professionally elevated experience for our clients. Read more

Shantell Bezuidenhout


Project Coordinator

Shantell is our Project Co-Ordinator based in Pretoria. She joined the team in 2024 and has 8 years’ experience as a Phlebotomy Technician and holds certificates in communication fundamentals, customer care, and advanced Excel. ... Shantell oversees various aspects of the project management process for all our clients with efficient and detail-orientated planning. She has a passion for people, understanding that everyone has unique perspectives and visions for their professional journey. She believes punctuality is key and will play a pivotal role in strengthening our partnership and achieving our mutual objectives.. Read more

Danielle le Grange


Recruitment Consultant

Danielle is our Recruitment Consultant, bringing 18 years of diverse local and international human resource management, talent management, operations and recruitment experience to the team. She is a strategic partner for clients, develops sourcing strategies and provides a full lifecycle of recruiting support for searches from executive to entry-level. ... She manages a portfolio of roles ensuring the process from start to finish is a positive one for clients with a thorough understanding of requirements and offering value in delivering the right calibre of candidate. She obtained her Btech degree, Personal Performance Life Coach diploma and is a qualified Neuro Linguistic practitioner. She is also fluent in German.Read more

Dirk Lourens


Financial Accountant

Dirk joined the team in 2018. His drive to get things done in a timely and accurate manner makes him an exceptional accountant and an invaluable team member. He is responsible for the accounts and financial division of IMEDPRAC and also assists with HR-related administration. Dirk qualified as a professional accountant in 2020 and is a member of SAIPA. ... He completed his degree in Bcom Accounting in 2015 and Bcom Economics and Risk Management in 2017. He is passionate about taxation and working with people. Read more

Lizwi Khuzwayo


Junior Graphic Designer

Lizwi Khuzwayo is our in-house Junior Graphic Designer based in the Pretoria Branch. She joined our team in 2022 and completed her National Diploma in Graphic Design at the Durban University of Technology in 2019. Lizwi is experienced and well versed in conceptualization, designs and layouts. ... With a young and imaginative vigor that fuels a high level of quality and new ideas in the graphics design team, she has the ability to convert ideas and concepts seamlessly into exceptional designs for our clients, making each design unique and special. Lizwi’s strengths also lie in her strong administrative skills, meticulous time management and passion for photography.Read more

Lizwi Khuzwayo



Natasja is our expert Practice Support Consultant based in Cape Town. She joined the team in 2023 and has 18 years’ experience in the medical administrative industry for the Private sector, which includes Billing. ... She has worked in various departments in a Private Hospital environment and has first-hand experience and knowledge of Specialist Private Practices, ranging from reception, to billing to managing practices. Further, Natasja has supported over 200 private practices, which included training, attending to complex claim queries and providing possible solutions and workarounds. She has also assisted software developers with user-end testing, breaching the gap between client and developer. Natasja is passionate about coaching and mentoring anyone who is new to or who wants to learn more about the industry.Read more